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At which phase is your new Build?

Understanding which phase your building project is in helps us to
quickly assist you in fastracking your construction project build.

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Consultation, identifying the land financial pre-evaluation.

In this phase consultancy can be done for various areas of construction such as structural design, analysis, project management, construction management, contracts and surveying. Our team will also assist with identifying and securing prime real estate in your preferred city or suburb.

Compiling the design, financial and legal paperwork

In this phase, we will assist you to find the best financing packages to help you complete the project without any delys.

Building the property

This phase includes the Site preparation, laying of the Foundations, Superstructure, Roofing aswell as Drainage. Once the site is up we then move onto installation of Ceilings/Dry Lining, Furbishment, Landscaping and the hand-over of your beautiful new property

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